Sewing Crimping  Stainless Steel Hemming Clips

Sewing Crimping Stainless Steel Hemming Clips


1. Measures hem professionally up to 3 inches wide without any crook.

2. Handy holding construction achieves every easy and smoothing sewing steps. Definitely a time saver.

3. Instead of the traditional jabbing sewing pin, these hemming clips have great flexibility to glide onto fabric and holds them tightly in place when you sew. Keep your fabric intact without any breaking.

4. Ideal for hemming clothing, curtains, skirt, pants or shorts, and more. Suitable for machine work and hand sewing.

5. High-quality stainless steel material. Smooth polishing, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof.Feature

Material: Metal


Color: Silver


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