Natural Cork, Printed Fabric, 35*53 inches,  0.5mm Thick

Natural Cork, Printed Fabric, 35*53 inches, 0.5mm Thick


Natural cork fabric, perfect for sewing on a home sewing machine! Great for bags and wallets. 

Large size piece 35 inches x 53 inches and .05 mm thick. 

The real cork is backed with a thin layer of fabric (the thin layer of backing fabric is a cotton/poly blend).

Cork fabric is a natural cork material harvested from the cork oak tree in Portugal. It is bonded to a cotton/polyester blend fabric.

Try to avoid using cork for sharp corners or small, tight folds with several layers (like a small strap tab) – due to its natural properties, cork may produce small, superficial cracks. As it is a natural substrate, it may show some wear over time. I recommend a test sew with a small scrap to check your tension and stitch length.

We recommend that you do a water bath test to check for colorfastness.  

To clean your finished cork project, please use a cloth dampened with water (optional: you can also use a mild, diluted soap) to wipe down the bag or pouch.

Cork fabric reflects its tree origins. It has divets and small cracks. Like knots in wood, these natural deviations add to the beauty and are the reasons why a bag made with cork is so unique and sought after.

If a quantity greater than 1 is ordered, it will not be sent as a continuous piece.

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