408 Sets Plastic Snap Buttons, No-Sew T5 Snaps With Organizer Storage Case

408 Sets Plastic Snap Buttons, No-Sew T5 Snaps With Organizer Storage Case


A perfect rust-free alternative to metal snaps and a no-sew alternative to regular sew-on buttons. Widely used in clothing, cloth baby diapers, bibs, towels, and other embroideries, craft, sewing, and household DIY projects.
Easy to use: Prepare a snap plier firstly and get the snaps lined up it only takes a few seconds to install. quite straight forward to operate the kit, great for both professional tailors and starters.
Wide used for both professional tailor and starter, add functional snaps to shirts, jackets, clothes for children or for pets, bags and crafts, etc.
In addition, they were so easy to install and are easy to open/close on your finished projects, install the plastic snaps in seconds.
How to use:
a. For each snap, you need two caps, one socket, and one stud.
b. Make sure your pliers match the size of the snaps you plan to fasten.
c. Choose your position to install the snap and stick your awl into your fabric to make a small hole.
d. Insert one cap and one socket into the pliers and line up with the hole you made with your awl. Repeat this step with one cap and one stud where you plan to install the other side of your snap.
e. Squeeze together a cap+socket AND THEN a cap+stud.
f. Once you have each side of your snap installed, the socket and stud will click together. If either side feels loose, simply set the one side of the snap in the pliers again and squeeze.
Material: plastic
Package Contents:
1 * 408Buttons 24 Colors

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