New Sewing Notions For Fall 2020

Steer your stitching

The Ultimate Quilt ’n Stitch Presser Foot from Clover provides an easy solution for sewing parallel stitching rows without marking the fabric. It features an adjustable guide marked at 1/8-inch intervals, from 3/8 inch to 3 inches. Press the button to unlock the guide and slide it out to the desired distance between stitching lines. Releasing the button locks the guide. The foot is made from sturdy plastic and fits most low-shank machines. Some machines may require an adapter, which is sold separately.

Spring-action shears

Made by Gingher, the Spring-Action Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears are 8 inches long in total and feature strong, sharp blades measuring 4 inches long. The scissors have a spring action, which opens them without effort, avoiding hand strain caused by normal scissor operation. When not in use, they are kept closed by a gold-colored lock that is shaped for ease of use. The bent-handle design makes it comfortable to cut fabric accurately against a flat surface. The blades are stainless steel, with a chrome-over-nickel finish. If the scissors dull, Gingher offers a sharpening service for a fee.

Removeable pleating guide

Here’s a quick and easy way to create uniform box pleats without lots of measuring and marking. The Box Pleat Tape from Pam Damour is designed to guide in the creation of box pleats between 1 inch and 4 inches deep. When box-pleating fabric, you need three times the desired finished fabric length, so plan accordingly. The packaging contains clear instructions on how to use the tape: You’ll apply it along the area to be pleated and follow its color-coded markings to fold the fabric into even pleats as you sew the pleats in place. It is low-tack paper tape, similar to painter’s or masking tape, and can be removed cleanly from most fabrics. Once you remove the tape, you can reuse it as long as it is still tacky. Test the tape on a scrap first to ensure it does not leave a residue. It comes in 36-yard rolls and 2 colors.

Keep tools at hand

Scissors, seam rippers, and other implements never seem to be in the right place when you need them. Use the Sewing Tool Belt from HipNotions to corral what you need in one handy place. The 1-inch-wide belt fits up to a 45-inch waist. Its attached tool holder includes eight pockets, ranging in size from small enough to hold a single marking pen to large enough to fit rulers or templates. It also has a removable fleece pincushion, which is filled with soft fiberfill and secured to the belt with hook-and-loop tape. The main pouch measures 6-1/2 inches by 9-1/2 inches. Also available from HipNotions are length extenders, including one with additional features such as magnetic holders, a tool loop, hook-and-loop tape holder, and elastic and cord lock.

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